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Plan Features Your Seedbox offers

In case you wanted to know more about Your Seedbox hosting, in this article I have given a list of features you can get with the shared plans this seedbox host has to offer.


Disk Space you get


There are 6 kinds of shared hosting plans that Your Seedbox offers. Out of these the S-200G offers the largest disk space i.e. 200 GB. The S-100G is the next best plan and offers a disk space of 100 GB. The S-40G offers disk space of 40 GB, the S-30G comes with 30GB storage and the S-10G has the least disk space you can get i.e. only 10GB.


Speed Given


Irrespective of which shared plan you go for the download speed remains the same. Each plan offers 100 Mbit.


Torrents downloads You get


As for simultaneous downloads 25 downloads is the highest and is offered with the S-200G plan. The next top plan you can opt for is the S-100G as you get 15 downloads with it. With S-40G you get 7 simultaneous torrent downloads. The S-30G gives you only 5 torrents whereas the S-10G gives you only 2 simultaneous downloads.


There are dedicated plans available as well in case you do not mind spending a little more.


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